Thursday Night is Reggae Night

bob marlin restaurant reggae night jamming

Thursday night is Reggae Night at Bob Marlin Restaurant!

Every Thursday, Bob Marlin Restaurant serves up some acoustic reggae. Our house band, called For Da Rude, plays its signature raw yet steady rastacoustic sound that has earned them quite a following of regulars, even on lean, non- payday weekdays.

Bob Marlin Restaurant: Reggae Beginnings

Bob Marlin Restaurant got its start as a small tiki bar with a bamboo stage, a place that played reggae music. In 2004, our choice of reggae music must’ve seemed odd for that was the year of Paolo Santos. His music was so in vogue almost all the bars played it. It was either that or house music. It wasn’t that we did not like it, but the punk in us wanted individuality. Besides, we thought, if we failed, what have we got to lose?

bob marlin restaurant band stage

We wanted a place that’ll play mostly reggae. And yes, there will be occasional live music. In fact I still remember that during our opening night, we had two bands: Sabado Party Road and Mudflow.

Sabado Party Road was a project band of our good friend, Philip. They played mostly blues-flavored reggae. A unique sound even today, I still remember how they rocked the crowd with their ‘Waiting in Vain’ on slide guitar.

The second band was Mudflow from Albay. They were running late and the crowd at that time was slowly becoming thicker. Finally, when they showed up in an overcrowded tricycle, we knew there was no way they could still do a sound check. So lugging their instruments onstage, they immediately plugged in and went straight from tuning to the first chords of ‘Exodus’. The crowd was pleasantly surprised. The sound was something new for them. Then they started dancing. Yeah, it was danceable, and it wasn’t house or R&B.

That was over ten years ago. Since then, the likes of Tropical Depression, Coco Jam and Noel Cabangon have performed at Bob Marlin Restaurant. And during all those gigs, it has always been the same story – the crowd is laidback, relaxed and carefree.

bob marlin restaurant bands

Reggae Tradition Continues at Bob Marlin

As For da Rude goes on stage for their second set, more people start coming. Some are new, but most are familiar faces. The regulars. They might’ve gained a bit more weight. Some went from wearing flip-flops to laced-up Oxfords, but they remain the pioneering Bob Marlin Restaurant regulars, who are here not to see or to be seen but for the food, drinks and the music – the reggae music.

Bob Marlin Restaurant live music


Bob Marlin Restaurant Peñafrancia Fiesta Souvenir

Peñafrancia neck cooler

The Peñafrancia Fiesta Neck Cooler wraps around the neck to provide superior cooling effect, keeping you comfortable even in the sweltering heat of the sun.

The neck cooler sports emblems that pertain to the 2015 Peñafrancia Festival, making it not only a functional and practical item but also a great Peñafrancia Fiesta souvenir and pasalubong for your loved ones back home.

The Peñafrancia Fiesta Neck Cooler is available at the Bob Marlin Restaurant in Magsaysay Avenue, where you can also buy a variety of souvenir T-shirts, pili nut candies and other pampasalubongs. Viva La Virgen!

Bob Marlin Restaurant welcomes guests and “Nagueños na nagbabalik-bayan” to Naga City for the 2015 Peñafrancia Festival.

When you ask any outsider which month they associate the City of Naga or even the Bicol Region with, they’ll likely say, “September.” The Peñafrancia Festival is probably Bicolandia’s most popular festival, where millions of guest and devotees flock to Metro Naga to celebrate their devotion to Ina (i.e. Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia).As soon as they set up this karnabal in that vast vacant lot in CBD 2 (FYI: the karnabal is currently set up in the LCC compound in Sabang), you know fiesta is just around the bend.

There’s a palpable change in Naga City’s vibe: the traffic gets heavier, people seem to move a little faster, and everything, becomes a bit more colorful and kitschy.

This will peak during the Traslacion (September 11) and the Fluvial Procession (September 19). And our guests, aside from looking forward to the food, look for souvenirs and pasalubongs. That is why, through the years, Bob Marlin Restaurant has consigned the ever popular Pili Nuts and Peñafrancia T-shirts.

This year, Bob Marlin Restaurant is introducing a one-of-a-kind merchandise that is very functional especially in those crowded processions and festivities: the Peñafrancia Fiesta Neck Cooler. Especially designed by our friends at the Artist Shop, this patented neck cooler will help ease the heat of the sun by, as the name says, cooling you off while you wait and walk under the sweltering heat of the sun.